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     What is BCO?

How does the Business Card Ordering system work?

The Business Card Ordering system has been set up with the user in mind. That user can be you as the printer, your client who wants new Business cards, or your clients authoriser, who's job it is to check all new Business Card requests from other employees.

BCO is set up in such a fashion so that each off these distinct groups of people can access their own tailor made section of the system, with the printer section having ultimate control over the access of the other two groups.

The diagram below details the process involved with passing a request for new orders through BCO.

     System flow Diagram - How it all works...
A 1. George of Company One wants a new set of Business Cards. He knows that Head Office have set up a BCO link with your company, and that he can order online by going to your website.

Part A.
Your clients access BCO, add their own orders which are then approved. You are advised by Email...

A 2. George goes to your website, clicks the link BCO have supplied to you and enters his company Username & Password (which you have set up). George is allowed entry, and is shown the options available to him.
A 5. Email sent to George confirming his order has been accepted and passed to you for completion.
A 3. George Chooses his options and adds his details (such as, email, phone and fax) to a form. When he is satisfied, he clicks 'view'. His details are automatically shown on a graphic of the Business Card. If George is satisfied he clicks 'submit' and the card order is add to the BCO system. An email is sent to the appropriate approver.
A 4. Carol, who is Company One's approve of Business Card Orders, gets an email to say that George wants new Cards. She clicks the link in the email, which takes her to a login screen where she adds her Username and Password. Carol is allowed access to George's order and others that are allocated to her. She checks the order is correct , then clicks 'Submit' The order is Confirmed.
A 5. You receive email advising that you have a new Business card Order in BCO.

B 1. You receive email sent to you (Part A 5, above). This informs you that you have receive a new order for Business cards. You go to www.businesscardordering.co.uk and login.
  Part B.
You have received an email advising you of a new BCO order. You access the system and retrieve the details. You can also perform a myriad of other tasks such as performing reports, adding new clients and changing your website colour scheme....
B 2. You are given access to the site and see a list of important messages from us. You go to your 'Orders' section where all new orders are shown. These new orders include the one recently submitted by George and approved by Carol.
B 3. You can create a file which can be exported from BCO, by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. This can then be imported into other packages such as MS Excel and Quark Express. You may also create lists of orders based upon the date, Customer name and Order Status.
B 5. Order completed and job well done, that was rather painless wasn't it....
B 4. You process the Business Card order in your usual manner. This time however there is no need to go back and forth between yourself and your customer with proofs of each order. The onus is on your client to provide You with correct information initially. Once the order has been completed, You can change the status of orders so that your client can follow their progress.
     What is BCO?

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