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     Business Card Ordering System from Edge Impact
Take out the hassle and put back the profits in your business card orders...

Allow your customers to create their own cards, view and approve the details, and place an authorised order with you on-line, NO MORE hassle, no more mistakes, no more chasing proofs.

Our reliable easy to use service for printers makes ordering business cards on-line a straight forward reality for your customers and you.

How does Business Card Ordering work?

  • Straightforward - provides printers with an easy way to take approved orders for business cards on the web and import the data directly into a design package.
  • Reduced handling costs - saves time and effort for both the printer and your customers. No more time consuming checks and proofs.
  • Increased accuracy - your customer enters the data, views an image of their completed business card and approves the order on-line.
  • Improves customer service - offer extra services to your customers to keep ahead of your rivals

Business card orders are often low value and low margins - in contrast to the traditional business card order process we can help you increase profits, reduce processing time and costs, and improve the accuracy of your business card design, order and print process.

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     Business Card Ordering System from Edge Impact

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